NextPhaze offers the leading Telephony experience for small businesses in Perth

So why is the NextPhaze Telephony experience for WA Customers unique ?

♦ Immediate cost savings from a traditional phone system
♦ Integration with your customer database so that you always know who is calling your office before you answer
♦ Allow company mobile users to call the office for free
♦ Always know the status of your staff – available , away, busy

There are numerous ways in which NextPhaze can empower your business with a smart Telephony solution.

Increase Flexibility and Mobility

NextPhaze telephony does more than increase savings by lowering costs. It also enables the user to integrate software programs, such as e-mail, e-fax, and remote conferencing over the Internet via the telephone. In other words, your users can speak to somebody over the phone while accessing other applications, including the Internet simultaneously.

Increase Productivity

NextPhaze can increase the overall productivity of an organisation by allowing their employees to multi-task without interruption. It also allows the organisation to allocate funds usually spent on traditional phone bills to other aspects of the business. VoIP also allows users to attach documents, conduct virtual meetings, and share data via video conferencing. VoIP technology has also enhanced voice clarity to make it indistinguishable from traditional telephony.

Business Telephony Guarantee – The NextPhaze BTG – Only for Small Businesses in Western Australia.

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