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What you should know

♦ 80% of small Australia Businesses have an attempted security breach everyday.
♦ Cyber attacks are growing more sophisticated and are targeting small and midsize businesses.

One unlucky click—a malicious email attachment, a link to a legitimate but compromised website—could result in a costly data breach that drains your bank account and customer trust

Questions for you

♦ Are you protecting your data, your most valuable asset, your customer information
♦ Do you know what data is being changed, moved from your organisation?
♦ Would you like to reassure your customers, that their personal information is being protected ?
♦ Do you have Cyber-liability protection?

Why do cybercriminals target SMB’s 

Small businesses in WA, have :

♦ Less Resources, time and money
Small Businesses do not have the resources, time or money and have therefore not invested in security solutions and or a partner to protect them, compared with larger companies.

♦ An IT Manager or IT Support Company
All of the 80% of businesses that have daily security breaches have an incumbent IT Manager and or an outsourced security company.   However, this IT resource are too busy managing and supporting your servers, software and staff.  They do not have the time, nor do they have the skills in a very specialised area.

♦ Staff Risk
SMB’s create and have the highest turnover of jobs, which is high risk for data and virus transfer when staff move between companies more frequently.

♦ A firewall
The traditional firewall doesn’t work in todays climate. the majority of today’s information traversing your company network, is via the internet via applications, which then infect your network as malware.

The traditional firewall uses a blacklist to block access to the network, however, new applications are created everyday and simply bypass the blacklist via the internet onto your company network.  

♦ Antivirus protection
 AntiVirus protection is based on virus protection vendors  creating signatures to protect your computers against known threats called Viruses   The problem, is that only 30% of known threats are protected by the traditional Antivirus software, due to the millions of new threats created every week.

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