Business Solutions

NextPhaze offers unique marketing and business solutions tailored for businesses in Perth

What is unique about NextPhaze ?

NextPhaze has extensive consultative, design and implementation experience with outcome based solutions that increase efficiencies and support the operations of the business.   We are product agnostic which ensures that you receive the best value for your business.

We provide both off the shelf and custom solutions which include:

♦ Intranet
♦ Cloud Business Solutions
♦ Financial Solution Integration and Configuration. e.g. Workflow Max, Xero.
♦ Visitor Kiosks
♦ Mobile Applications
♦ Websites
♦ Sales and Marketing –    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) , Revenue Generation, Customer Experience, Service Desk, Lead Generation, EDM
♦ Document Management and Information Sharing

Tailored Solutions 

We understand that businesses do not have the cashflow to bankroll tailored business solution development, which why we we introduced the NextPhaze business solutions model. Unique in Western Australia, contact NextPhaze to understand how we can help

Be the best Small Business in your industry, take the first step and Call NextPhaze on 1300 761 587 or send a message us today.