NextPhaze’s unique business model combines marketing strategy, branding and promotion with business solutions, to generate guaranteed results. We provide our clients with a highly visible business partnership, increasing revenue and profits, whilst becoming leaders in their market.

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A high level summary of our marketing services

NextPhaze is focussed on delivering increased revenue by providing relevant services that benefit our client and their target market.  We do not sell services or packages but provide a tailored engagement to generate the highest return.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Communications
  • Campaign Management
  • Digital – ( SEO, Adwords, Re-marketing )
  • Social Media – (Facebook Marketing, Instagram,YouTube Adverts)
  • Design

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A high level summary of our business solutions
NextPhaze provides clients a consultative engagement that ensures our business requirements are always delivered and supported locally by our team.

  • Custom IT Solutions and Apps
  • BackOffice Automation
  • Software integration
  • Website Design
  • Intranet Solutions
  • Document Management
  • Technical Support

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A summary of our services

Many small and medium sized businesses have not implemented a measurable sales methodology that delivers a high return and continues to challenge existing sales performance. NextPhaze offer a number of relevant services to improve sales results!

  • Telemarketing / Appointment Setting
  • Sales Conversion Optimisation
  • Sales Training – from Lead through to securing the client.
  • Sales documentation – processes and messaging
  • CRM Training


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Be the best Business in your industry, take the first step and call NextPhaze on 1300 761 587 or send us a message today.