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AOC Solutions was started from scratch initially providing consultancy services to airlines in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Due to the geographical distances involved and the need for us as a small business to be able to communicate effectively and project manage several activities of our clients on the road, an cloud and exchange based solution was the only viable option.

NextPhaze Business Solutions provided us with the following:

♦ A hosted email exchange at a fair price but with unsurpassed reliability and support across different platforms and operating systems, and;

♦ Microsoft SharePoint customised for our business needs with the ability to collaborate with clients on complex manuals and other documents while allowing us to control the process and indeed overall project.

Our business has grown since inception and recently we added operations in the Middle East on a short term project. The self-administration portal meant we could scale IT services for that project and just as easily deescalate at the completion with no ‘help line’ or hassles.

NextPhaze Business Solutions and Julian Catton in particular has always been there when we need him (even outside working hours at times) and is always willing to listen to a problem and apply his skills and expertise in helping us find a solution in a very personable manner without trying to push us into proposed solutions that may not be best suited to our needs.

We would not hesitate to recommend NextPhaze Business Solutions to an size of enterprise that is looking for professional, reliable and honest advice and support managing their IT needs.

Be the best Small Business in your industry, take the first step and Call NextPhaze on 1300 761 587 or send a message today.