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Prior to signing on to work with NextPhaze, as a business we were experiencing some really challenging IT issues. We are a small company and we all work from separate home offices.

Getting set up on a shared server was really important to us. The solution that was provided by our previous IT company felt clunky, often didn’t work, and left us feeling frustrated, bogged down and unable to move forward in creating the systems our business needed. The hosted email service was often cluttered by spam and this was a definite source of annoyance.

Along came NextPhaze – fundamentally what we required was the ability for all of our documentation to be accessible to all employees in our business, easily, and quickly. Email hosting, web hosting were imperative – along with IT support for those moments were switching the computer off and on again just didn’t solve the problem!

Since signing on with NextPhaze, we have been able to successfully merge all of our client data into one easily accessible secure location. We are spending less time on the phone discussing who has which document and on whose computer is it likely to be, we are not double doing things and are hence saving money with greater levels or productivity and efficiency. The service reliability is also fantastic.

Julian and the team at NextPhaze really listened to what we needed, they probed and explored all of our IT requirements from various angles, explained things in a way that we were able to understand, drew pictures and diagrams to help the process, and then designed a customised solution that works specifically for us.

We are really enjoying the supportive relationship that we have with the team due to their proactivity, excellent level of product knowledge and helpfulness.

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